Harnessing Energy With Crystal Grids

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Wanna boost the energy you are manifesting? Try using a crystal grid. Crystal grids align the crystals with the intentions you are calling for with sacred geometrical symbols. Sacred geometry involves an ancient science of using geometric symbols as a mathematical formula to determine something as precise as creation. The symbols used on crystal grids depend on what your goals or desires are. Are you healing someone? Are you calling on a certain energy to help you with a situation you’re facing? 

To use a crystal grid, you first determine what your intention is. From there, you find a sacred geometrical symbol that makes sense to use with your intention. One of the most popular symbols is the flower of life. This symbol relates to how all life forms are interwoven & derived from one single blueprint. Another well-known symbol is the sri yantra, which represents the balance of masculine & feminine energies and the ability to produce power, energy & creativity. You’ve definitely seen Metatron’s Cube before (if only in your subconscious). This symbol is named after an archangel who is known as the guardian of the universe. Using Metatron’s Cube provides protection and is used often in matters of health or connecting to Source in times of need.

Many choose to use cloth or crystal plates with the symbols inscribed. If this isn’t readily available to you, printing the symbol of your choice works too. 

Now that you’ve chosen the symbol, it’s time for you to choose the crystals to work with. Again, this depends on what you are trying to gain. For instance, if your crystal grid is attuned to gaining peace of mind, you could use the crystals: lapis lazuli, smokey quartz, amethyst and clear quartz. If you are attuning this crystal grid for a promotion within your career, use: citrine, green aventurine, emerald and pyrite. Before you set up your grid, be sure that your crystals have set intentions, are cleansed & attuned to your energy. Read this past blog on caring for crystals to understand more on how to do this & why it’s important.


It’s time to lay your crystals on your chosen symbol however you feel called to. I like to find points in the symbol that overlap each other and add a crystal there, kinda like it’s the glue. Again, do what feels right to you. Place a clear quartz in the center of the grid to amplify it. Now’s the time to state your intention. As you keep your intention clear in your mind, focus on the grid. Study how it connects and where you were led to put your crystals. Visualize the energies of each crystal connecting together as they are connected on the grid. Using your finger, selenite wand or clear quartz point, scan over each crystal, just as you visualized. Take a few moments to really feel this--you are connecting these universal energies to yourself & your intentions to shift energy. This grid is now activated!

You may leave it where it is as long as you like, just be sure to cleanse it when you feel the energy is calling to do so. Using a selenite wand, you can charge the energy as often as you need to.

Drop a comment to let me know how this worked for you.

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