"I Got My Crystals! Now What?" Caring For & Working With Your Crystals

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You've got your first set of crystal babies! They chose you for a reason, be sure to take care of them and they will take care of you too. Save these guides and by the end of this blog, you'll be well-versed in crystal care.

When you receive your crystals, it's important to cleanse any negative energy that may be attached to them. While I smudge your crystals before it reaches you, I always encourage you to cleanse as you are led to do. That really makes your crystal yours, I feel. Once you do that, you may attune & charge your crystal.

Crystal cleansing definitely isn't cookie cutter and varies for each type. Did you know if selenite gets wet it will deteriorate? Or that if crystals like amethyst or smokey quartz absorb too much sun, their color becomes lighter and not as vibrant? Save the following guides so your crystals serve you better with a longer life.

The above are some of my favorite ways to cleanse my crystals. Visualization requires no tools, just your intentional energy. After taking a few breaths to ground yourself, visualize white light cleansing your crystal, removing all negative energy from it. Close with gratitude.

When using sound, you may choose to play a binaural tone in a frequency that matches that of your crystal. For example, when cleansing black tourmaline, a root chakra crystal, you may choose to use 528hz, which is attuned to the root chakra. You may also use singing bowls to cleanse your crystals. For root chakra crystals like black tourmaline, you can cleanse with root chakra bowls attuned to the C key.

Now your crystals are at your service and ready to use! Whether you tuck them in your pocket or bra (no judgment!) or incorporate them in a crystal grid, their vibration is set to work for your highest good. Get to work!

Congratulations! You went from crystal novice to rock hound just like that! Ready for more crystal babies? Follow me!

All love & the highest vibrations,

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