Aura Of Protection Bath

Aura Of Protection Bath

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Not only does this coconut milk-based Aura Of Protection smell like a slice of cheesecake, it cleanses & protects your aura & energy from negativity. Each bath was conjured under the Full Moon with coconut milk, sea salt, cascarilla & your choice of preserved white roses or baby's breath with jasmine. 

Be sure to take a quick shower before this bath, in order to wash off any old energy, While drawing your bath, speak or pray your intentions. I recommend Psalms 41 with this bath.

Each bag yields 2-3 baths.

Please note: due to the dehydrated coconut milk contained in this product, you may notice your product has started to "sweat" upon receipt. This is because of heat encountered during transit. To reverse this, simply pop your bag in the freezer for a few minutes & be sure it's at room temperature when you store it afterwards.