Reiki-Infused Chakra Healing Waistbeads

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**Please add your waist measurement to the notes at checkout or email to following checkout. 

Traditionally worn by women in Africa, waist beads are beautifully hand crafted, and the perfect accessory. Whether it's summer or winter, waist beads are fun to have all year round. They don't just look good, they can also be used to track weight loss. I create waist beads tailored to specific chakras you'd like to balance or focus on. Every waist bead includes crystals relevant to the chakra you choose and has been reiki-infused.

New I Love My Melanin! Waistbeads feature sunstone & rhodonite, a perfectly attuned combo to ignite your self-love & confidence in your beauty!

For custom orders, please click here schedule a quick 10-minute consultation in order for me to create the perfect waistbead set for you! Please schedule your consultation within 24 hours of payment or you will be refunded. Custom orders include up to 2 colors and and optional charm. Available charms include: evil eye, ankh, seashell, crown and hand of hamsa.

The easiest way to ensure exact sizing:

When choosing your size, consider where you want to wear your beads. Some like to wear them on their waist, while some like to wear them on their hips. 

Be sure to size yourself with a tape measure. 
Another idea on how to measure yourself:
1. Tie a piece of string around your waist or hips (wherever in your midsection you want to wear your strand) 
2. Cut the string 
3. Measure the string and write down the length

DO NOT suck in your stomach - be as comfortable as possible when measuring and you can add about 2-5 inches depending on how you want your beads to lay. 

Position and tie them around your stomach where comfortable. As you are losing weight, the beads will drop from that position over time. You can adjust them and make them smaller to prolong their use! If you are fertile, bloated or gaining weight - it will be known because your beads will fit tighter. 

1) Position the strand around your waist, where you would like them to lay
2) Cross the ends at your desired fit while allowing the extra beads to drop to the ends
3) Tie 2-3 knots a that spot
4) Cut the ends to release the extra beads into a bowl, then cut the strings off close to the knot