Druzy Amethyst Necklace

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A popular and powerful crystal to heal your crown & third eye chakras, amethyst is a natural stress reliever and attracts positive energy. It provides spiritual protection and enhances intuition and spiritual growth. Charge this crystal under the full moon & cleanse it with salt water.

Druzy –a colorful crystal or mineral that is thought to show off a glittering effect of minute crystals. The bewitching beauty of this gemstone may provoke the creativity of the paidaries, in order to carve through a stunning design of the jewel. Moreover, it is also thought that the amazing druzy might take millions of years in covering up the last layer of agate.

Druzy crystals’ metaphysical energies are the same as the energies of the crystal clusters. They’re great for spiritual shops, group meditation, as well as any other joint spiritual work forms. When there is a need for you to harmonize a group of people and move them towards a common goal spiritually, you may use the druzy stones.

In addition, the stones are also essential in boosting creativity and imagination, as well as induce relaxation. The crystals are also able to help with your own emotional problems. They are especially beneficial in awakening positive self-love as love, as we know, is the most efficient universal healer. This stone may purify and even amplify the natural healing properties of the body. It may also strengthen the spirit.

Druzy crystals may also provide balance in life in order to avoid unnatural feelings of sadness, fear, or abandonment, as well as depression.