Eilat Stone Point

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Eilat Stone, also known as King Solomon stone, is named after the Israeli city of Eilat, which sits on the southernmost border of the country. Eilat stone is thus named because it was originally mined there. A green-blue beauty of a gemstone, it has a heterogeneous mixture of a few secondary copper minerals, such as malachite, azurite, turquoise, pseudomalachite, and chrysocolla. The National stone of Israel, The Eilat stone is a wonderful choice of stone to wear in Jewelry to symbolize the special area of Israel, and the connection it shares with the Bible.

it is said to be a deep heart stone with a lot of emotion attached. This heart centered spiritual energy puts you in the right state to balance mind with emotions and improve how you see life. 
Certainly, it has a biblical significance, as it is attributed to King Solomon's time, and has been a beautiful product of the land of Israel ever since. 
Some Eilat stones today are mined in other areas, but they are the same composition and are thus connected with the biblical history of those mined in Eilat.
From Israel.