Facial Roller

Facial Roller

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As you glide your facial roller across your cheeks, chin, neck and forehead, you'll slowly open up pathways, and improve lymphatic flow, which reduces puffiness and inflammation. Crystal facial rollers improve microcirculation and the flow of fresh oxygen to the skin while pores instantly appear smaller & the skin tighter.

Use after your Hands Of Time serum for an effective facial massage to reduce signs of aging and relieve tension.

Rose quartz has inherent minerals- silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen- that skin can topically borrow and benefit from when rolling. Rose quartz stays cool whereas jade is adaptive in nature and tends to warm with skin contact. Rose quartz is better known for its wrinkle-reducing benefits. Jade helps increase blood flow to the face as it regenerates skin cells .

To use: roll from your nose outwards across your face for 2-4 minutes. Use daily for best results.