High John The Conqueror Oil

High John The Conqueror Oil

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Known as one of the most powerful roots in hoodoo, High John The Conqueror is used for attracting success, abundance, confidence and good luck. Use this oil to gain confidence and the upper hand on your enemies. This oil is powerful for success in legal matters and any commanding work.

Apply a couple of drops to your dominant hand's palm and visualize your intentions while rubbing your hands together. Anoint your office space, wallet, bag, money or any green, white or yellow candle. Add to your green gris gris bag.

You will receive your oil in a 2oz dropper bottle.

Learn more about John The Conqueror:

"According to African-American folklore, High John the Conqueror was the son of an African king in the Congo, sold into American slavery. John was known as a clever trickster for the games he played on his master and for his enduring spirit, which was never dampened by his life in captivity.

Folklore tells us that John, also known as John de Conquer, fell in love with the Devil’s daughter Lilith. For John to win the daughter’s hand in marriage, the Devil challenged him to plow 60 acres in half a day, and sow the acres in the second half of the day. Lilith gave John a magical axe and plow to complete the task but also admitted - the Devil meant to kill John even if he did complete the task. Wiley and clever, John stole the Devil’s horse, and he and Lilith both escaped.

In the stories, John and Lilith returned to Africa, both agreeing to never again use their powers so the Devil would not be able to find them. But John left his powers in America in the root of a southern plant, Ipomoea jalapa or Ipomoea purga, a powerful plant species introduced to the slaves by the American Indians. John the Conqueror Root is now a staple of African-American folk magic."

[Source: The Original Botanica]