Polychrome Jasper Palm Stone

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Polychrome jasper is a healing stone that signifies being true to yourself, embracing life enthusiastically, honoring limitations, as well as a fiery energy, which facilitates action and courage.

Also known as Savannah or Desert Jasper, Polychrome Jasper possesses a happy energy. It’s thought to have the capacity to bring fortune, as well as a happy outlook in life.

Jasper is a crystal of relaxation and gentleness. It’s professed to have the capacity to enhance a person’s ability to bring tranquility and relax, healing, as well as comfort.

Moreover, it is also used in stabilizing personal aura and trauma, most especially during astral travel, as well as for grounding oneself.

It is also said to be beneficial with nurturing, courage consolation, compassion, and contentment for the conflict ahead and even gentle endings.

The polychrome jasper is used in easing stress, as well as increasing stamina. It also includes the capacity to adjust in any changes.

It’s also used in easing allergies, as well as is thought to be good for the gallbladder and in soothing the stomach.

From Madagascar. 

Approximately 5-7 oz.