Reiki-Infused Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Reiki-Infused Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

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Lapis lazuli encourages self-awareness, self-expression & living your truth. It assists in connecting you to Source & the Spirit realm, so it's very useful when reaching out to your guides. This crystal helps your immune, respiratory & nervous systems while balancing the third eye. The name comes from the Latin word ‘lapis’ meaning ‘stone’ and the Persian lazhward meaning ‘blue.’ The shades of blue contained within this crystal’s structure are rich and deep in color, and it has gold flecks running through it, which give it a magical, mysterious charm.


In Ancient Egypt, it was used in cosmetics for thousands of years. It was even said that Michelangelo used lapis lazuli in powder form for blue pigments to color the frescoes in his Sistine Chapel. Since ancient times, the mystical appearance has drawn scholars’ attention and intrigued seers by its compelling energies. It has found its way into more than one faith healers’ hands over the decades, and since the dawn of civilization, it has proven a soothing, calming influence that helps to open the mind and calm the senses. It has been around for centuries, and its popularity still has not diminished. Today it is mined in the USA, Chile, Italy, and Afghanistan.


Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock containing lazurite, which gives it its distinctive blue color. It may also contain Calcite, Pyrite, and minor amounts of other minerals.


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection. It can recognize a psychic attack and works to negate the effects of any negative or harmful energies coming your way. It is also a stone of serenity and peace, calming tempers, releasing stress, and bringing the mind and body together in harmony. Lapis Lazuli encourages self-awareness and taking charge of your own life. It helps us express ourselves safely and empowering without holding back, and brings the qualities of honesty, compassion, and integrity to the wearer.


Wearing it around your neck or throat allows the vibrations to access the throat chakra and to clear away negative energies gently. It can be carved into talismans and spheres, and these can be carried with you in a pocket or purse. Lapis Lazuli has protective qualities, and being near to the stone all the time can help you to recognize untruths from others and also to dispel negative thoughts or self-talk from your mind.


It carries an energy of universal wisdom that can help you find your spiritual path and step into your own power. This stone acts quickly to release stress and brings a deep sense of peace because of its immense power of serenity.


The frequencies of this crystal are loving and serene. They vibrate in tune with your own electromagnetic field and help you to realize the importance of self-care in your emotional life. Many of us spend far too long dwelling on the things we perceive to be “wrong” with ourselves and berating ourselves for not doing better. If you have issues with body image, you will hopefully already be aware that constant self-criticism is very damaging to your emotional and mental well-being. Allow the supportive and empowering energies of this stone to help you address your negative thoughts or behavior around yourself, your body, and your abilities. Lapis Lazuli bonds friendships and relationships with love and compassion. It can help you dissolve passive-aggressive behavior patterns and state your own needs without making others feel bad or guilty.


Physically, Lapis Lazuli is said to alleviate pain, especially in the head and neck areas. It helps to overcome depression and anxiety and balances blood pressure. This stone is said to benefit the respiratory and nervous systems, support the thyroid, larynx, and throat, cleanse the bone marrow and boost the immune system. It is also useful for treating the symptoms of vertigo and insomnia.


Lapis Lazuli attracts good luck and fortune. It symbolizes good luck, and any wearer of this stone will benefit from the energies that can turn all negative energies into positive ones. This crystal also helps you keep a clear head, which is especially important if your path to wealth and success has been fraught with stress and unexpected complications. It will help you to clarify to yourself which problems you can solve yourself and which are best left to resolve themselves. Sometimes we need to let go and go with the flow to attract the kind of wealth we want into our lives. This crystal can help you to feel safe enough to do this. Likewise, an open mind is far more receptive to new ideas, and this stone is excellent for helping you to let go of old beliefs and even biases and prejudices. If you find that sharing your career ideas attracts naysayers and negativity, Lapis Lazuli can keep you be confident in your own personal road to success.


Lapis Lazuli is one of the best stones to call upon when it comes to love and relationships. It brings energies of wisdom, love, and emotional healing to the person who wears it or keeps it close to their bodies. It carries such a powerful, loving vibration of its own that this is easily transferred to you, to your aura, and to all who come into contact with you. When you have this crystal, you will have the confidence, poise, and courage to go after what you want. You will not spend another minute feeling uncertain or insecure because you will know what you want, and you will know just how you’re going to get it. The energies of Lapis Lazuli stones will help you overcome your shyness and encourage you to come out of your shell. These healing properties can help you identify and bring to the surface those past hurts, traumas, or complications that led to your uncertain or shy behavior and show you how to heal them.


Keep this stone close to you to attract those positive healing energies to you, but also to help share those troubles with your partner so you can work out how best to move ahead together, stronger than ever before. If you have had some not so good experiences with the people you have chosen to love, Lapis Lazuli will give you the strength, the courage, and the commitment to overcome these personal traumas. Heartaches, pains, and sorrows of the past will be gone when you allow this stone to work its magic on you.


Lapis Lazuli can also bring inner power to anyone who needs it. It is a stone of communication that encourages open communication lines, honesty, openness, and mental clarity. There will be no need to keep secrets from the person you love because you will be able to voice your concerns without feeling scared or worrying about the repercussions.


This stone will enhance love and faithfulness in relationships and marriages.

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that works best with the Throat chakra, enabling you to say everything you could not say to people, especially to the people you love. It is also known as the stone of truth, which means that you will also be more honest with yourself and have more open communication with the people who matter to you.


When you allow Lapis Lazuli to heal and open your Throat chakra, you will truly feel at ease with the person you love, and you will no longer feel the need to impress or prove yourself to them continually. You can just be yourself around them and not care whether they love you for it or not. You will be at that point in your life where you will love yourself more, and you will only love the people who love you for the real you.


The healing energies of Lapis Lazuli will also help you better understand your partner, which will strengthen the love you both share. Whatever is old will be made new, and whatever is broken will be made whole again. You will be willing to try something that you haven’t tried before, and you will also be ready to make changes and compromises for the success of your relationship.


With the help of this stone, you will have a better sense of self, and you will be able to reveal inner truths that can help you, your partner, and your relationship. You will be able to work with your reality and make the necessary adjustments to continue to enjoy the happiness and love you have right now. Having a Lapis Lazuli with you means that you will have the courage to take charge of your love life. You will finally realize what you want out of your relationship, and you will not settle for anything less than butterflies in your stomach. You will finally confront even the harshest truths of your life and be honest to yourself, to your partner, and the world. Any desire to be a martyr in love will be dissolved because you will finally be brave enough to end your suffering.


This stone is an excellent stone to have if you want to be happy in love. You will have peace and harmony to let love in and to let love stay. You will have a clearer understanding of what you must do to be happy and stay happy in love. You will no longer feel fearful, shy, or uncertain because you will also be more confident and courageous to take a chance in love.


Lapis Lazuli is ideal for use on the throat chakra. It is said to be a powerful cleanser and help release energetic blockages in this center, leading to more efficient, clearer communication. The power of Lapis Lazuli can also help you to release the harmful effects of lies. We all tell “white lies” from time to time, and some of us may well be suffering from the impact of telling more serious untruths.


Once you are ready to accept that the lie is causing you more pain than profit, call upon the power of this blue stone to help you to clear the debris of lying from your throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli is also aligned with the third eye chakra’s energies as a deep blue stone. Using it to energize and activate your Third Eye can help you access your inner wisdom and insight, help with discernment, and make helpful decisions.


Combine Lapis Lazuli with Sodalite to consolidate the energies of the Brow and the Throat chakra so that you not only know your truth on a spiritual and instinctual level; you are also able to express it clearly. You can combine Lapis Lazuli with Clear Quartz for mental clarity and opening your Crown chakra and with paler blue or green stones such as Blue Lace Agate or Green Jade for clearing negative self-talk and self-criticism.


The best way to dissolve any negative energies your stone has absorbed is to cleanse it with incense smoke. Placing it close to Amethyst or Clear Quartz will also remove unwanted debris from negative vibrations. If your stone needs to be cleansed of dust, rinse it in cold water and dry it with a soft cloth.