LSM Bath

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LSM Bath: If you intend on radiating a confident aura, feeling sexy af, attracting people who find you irresistible and, most importantly, finding yourself irresistible, the Love Sex & Magick Bath is for you. LSM is also perfect for its namesake--sex magick. You can use this bath before, during or after sex/masturbation to manifest your desires quicker. This bath features roses, pink himalyan salt, raspberry leaf, a rose quartz crystal and other herbs that will have you feelin' yourself.

Bathing is an important part of self-care and self-love because it cleanses your aura and rids you of negative energy in order to relax your body and focus on your intentions. Use of different herbs can bring different intentions and your mental, emotional and spiritual health will definitely benefit from them. 

Each bath has been blessed and charged to the intention it serves with selenite and the energy of the full moon.

You may choose to order these baths in a glass jar or in no-mess mesh bags. For $22, you will receive 3 baths with the included crystal & a tealight candle. For $28, you will receive everything mentioned along with a sage bundle.