Wedding Officiating Services

Wedding Officiating Services

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I am so grateful to be apart of your day & what an honor it is for me to formally unite you to the Universe! As an ordained minister, it fills my heart chakra to witness beautiful unions.

I will be available for you at your dress rehearsal and together we will smudge your venue. There will be no negative energy surrounding your union as you and your wedding party will be smudged also.

A week before your ceremony, I will send you a month-by-month intuitive and energetic outlook for your 1st year of marriage. This will be used as a guide for you. Remember, you are a creator of your destiny. Use the messages you will receive from me via Source, the Divine, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, etc. to help you maneuver through a blissful year. These messages will be video recorded with a private link for you to review it when necessary.

After your rehearsal, we will have a sound bath and reiki attunements which will cleanse our auras, welcoming joy, happiness, love & unity. We will also use this energy to attune our chakras and allowing a restful night's rest, dispelling negativity and bad nerves for the next day.

Please feel free to write your own vows knowing I am available if you need help doing so.

During your ceremony, we will have a unity candle-lighting service. Please note, this is not to be confused with a binding spell. Our intentions will be on the health of the unity within the union. Your souls have already chosen each other and you are already united. Our focus is for proper communication, love, trust and understanding going forward.

After your ceremony, you will receive a spiritual bath that you may take together as well as crystals with instructions on where to place them in your home for proper energy clearing and balancing.

Please book this at least 60 days prior to your ceremony. If your ceremony is outside of 20 miles of 32818, travel accommodations are made by your party and may be discussed in detail via emailing

I look forward to being apart of your day!